About Fryvecind Voice Studio


I believe that vocal performance is a medium in which we can express inner thoughts and emotions.  When we sing we are automatically vulnerable.  It takes a lot of courage.  Through music we cope.  We take a journey of our souls and hope to give our audiences that opportunity to look inside their own soul.  Singing moves us into an elevated consciousness. In the lyrics we express desires and dreams.
Singing exercises regions of the brain that are used in math, spatial understanding, reading and expression of emotion.  Musical training as children develops these humans and makes them better listeners.  Studies suggest that music lessons enhance lifelong listening and learning.
My studio focuses on various genres and encompasses all singing styles.  I teach classical to rock.  The singer chooses the song.  I provide technical expertise to produce a sound that relies on muscle memory so that when students perform, they’re thinking about the expression of the lyrics through the music.


Mia Fryvecind Gimenez is a certified NATS voice instructor.  

The mission of NATS: To encourage the highest standards of the vocal art and of ethical principles in the teaching of singing; and to promote vocal education and research at all levels, both for the enrichment of the general public and for the professional advancement of the talented.

 Driven by its mission statement, NATS offers a variety of lifelong learning experiences to its members, with workshops, Intern Programs, master classes and conferences, all beginning at the chapter level and progressing to national events. Students of NATS members* have access to one of the organization's most widely recognized activities:
Student Auditions. They also have the opportunity, along with members, to compete at a national level through the National Association of Teachers of Singing
Artist Awards (NATSAA), the
National Music Theater Competition (NMTC), and the
National Student Auditions competition. 

Iowa High School Music Association (IHSMA)

Mia is an IHSMA Adjudicator. 

The Mission of the IHSMA: 

1. To foster and perpetuate music as an art form and an essential component of the secondary school curriculum;

2. To organize and regulate festivals that assure fairness and equity and also stimulate students to their greatest possible potential;

3. To establish criteria and standards for musical performances that insures the musical/educational integrity of Iowa high school music programs;

4. To encourage member participation in Association-sponsored events, assuring all participants of a nonbiased evaluation of their performances;

5. To develop programs that bring due recognition to outstanding musicians and performances;

6. To provide musical opportunities that will enrich the lives of high school students and aid in the development of a life-long appreciation of music.

Mia specializes in voice for the actor and the changing adolescent voice with an emphasis on musical theatre and classical vocal training techniques. Private lessons are essential to the development of any singer. The studio is open to all ages and abilities. With Mia’s coaching you will dive deeply into technique focusing on breath and support.  Learn what your instrument is capable of, and receive custom feedback that will allow you to create the instrument you’ve always known you have.  Fryvecind Studios, in association with Nolte Academy, is a safe place to try new things, make mistakes, and see how far you'll go. Together we will discover your habitual and emotional stumbling blocks and transform them into assets.  See our studio success stories on MiaSings Blog Page.
Mia will help you to create a vision for your career. You’ll learn to package yourself as a performer including the creation and development of your book. Mia can also help you to prepare for recitals, auditions, performances, recording sessions or competitions.
Contact Mia to explore and discover the power of your voice.

Voice techniques
  • Keeping your voice healthy
  • Achieving a relaxed sound
  • Well-balanced vowels
  • Vocal tensions and their remedies
Breathing techniques
  • Alexander technique
  • Breath management
  • Spinning on the breath
  • Connection to your intsrument
Body mapping
  • Identify tension
  • Develop muscle memory
The Changing Adolescent Voice
  • What is happening?
  • How to navigate it
  • Select appropriate repertoire
  • Voice for the actor
  • Audition techniques
  • Theatrics of singing
  • Comedy
  • Performance coaching
  • Improvisation
  • Musical Theatre
  • Classical
  • Opera
  • Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Folk
  • Pop